5 Ways For Leaders To Better FOCUS

There are many ingredients that make a leader great. It shouldn’t surprise then that very few people who enter leadership positions become effective, meaningful, and impactful leaders. After more than three decades of consulting with and identifying true or potential leaders, as well as developing them, training and advising them, Reza Satchu come to understand and appreciate the obstacles and challenges that often make this difficult, challenging and avoidable. I developed the FOCUSapproach to help individuals become leaders.

1) First, determinewhat is most significant to you as an individual and then decide if your personal priorities or goals can help improve the group. What do you hope to accomplish? Why should you care and what do others need to know? Will you be able to keep going with the inner determination that will allow you to persevere and not lose your way?

2) The potential, success, and opportunities will often depend on your ability or inability to work together. Be open-minded and flexible so you can think of other options.

3) Clarity – Being open-minded, detailed, and clear with a cooperativeattitude is a great way to cut through the noise and prioritize your needs. What will it take to get you to the right place to accomplish what you need?

4) What you’ve learned can be used to understand and applywhat you’ve read. It transforms from mere book-learning or experience into the much more pertinent expertise required to get the job done right. Only then can I see the big picture and appreciate it fully.

The difference between empty promises or rhetoric and workable, useful, and focused leadership is. Instead of running around with your head cut off, think clearly and develop a strategy.

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