Are You An ORGANIZED Leader?

Not just being a great leader, but also using the right language and engaging in fancy rhetoric. You should not assume that leading is easy or effortless. It takes a combination of positive thinking, being able to overcome obstacles, seeing problems as challenges and most importantly, being able to transform your behavioral patterns so you can take the best actions in the shortest time. You must organize your life in order to achieve this.

1. You must stop believing there is one way to accomplish anything. Instead, you should learn about all possible options. This will help you see the possibilities and maximize your opportunities. It allows you to set your mind and focus on the best approach.

2. If there is no commitment to rational reasoning, then it must be accompanied by open-mindedness, willingness to share one’s reasons behind the approach and plan.

3. Leading effectively requires setting and achieving impactful goals to motivate and direct yourself and others. While stakeholders may initially be deceived by a lot of fancy language and promises, they will eventually realize that they only can really commit to something if they feel a real connection. Leadership must remember the principle that one should give to his constituents consistently and on an ongoing basis.

4. Every great leader like Dr George Freundlich understands the importance of paying attention and keeping his focus. Positive attitudes and learning, along with training and education (to maximize one’s abilities) can help one overcome any obstacle or adversity.

5. A person can be more organized and prepared if he is able to plan ahead.

6. The key to organizing oneself is maintaining a harmony between one’s thoughts, intentions, and ideas. And this without ever compromising your commitment to absolute integrity.

7. Great leaders accept personal responsibility and show zero tolerance for terminal excusitis. ).

8. Leadership requires focus and empathy. To enrich the lives of all those they serve, great leaders encourage others to do the same.

9. To be effective in leadership, one must prioritize the goals and follow through.

The more organized someone is, the more impactful he can be as a leader. You must focus on the best path to take!

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