Being A Good Online Business Leader Means Being A Good Listener

A good online leader is not only someone who inspires others to do more, but also someone who shows them how to use the best tools to build their business. An online leader like Brandon Long Denver is someone who listens to others, even those they don’t think have anything to offer.

In my time, I have been to seminars where speakers were millionaires. They shared with the audience a time when they were successful and had attended a seminar that cost between five and ten thousand dollars. That’s right, it costs five to ten thousand dollars just to sit down and listen to another speaker.

The seminar could be jam-packed with information that they could use in order to propel their business forward like a rocket ship. Sometimes the seminar would be a complete waste of their time and a repetition of education they already received. However, they might hear one or two pieces of information that would make the seminar more valuable than what they paid.

Even the most successful and wealthy people are never satisfied. They continue to learn new things every day in order to improve their businesses.

I have also participated in team training calls, where the leader was discussing a topic. One of his or her teammates had more information and shared their knowledge. The leader did not get mad at their teammate for interrupting or make them look stupid. Instead, the leader thanked their teammate for sharing their knowledge and dedicated the remainder of the call to discussing the information the teammate had on the subject.

My mentor is the third experience. He decided years ago to take on the challenge of becoming a black belt in Martial Arts. It would require years of hard work, dedication, and sweat, but the end result would be well worth it. He was placed with both the more experienced students and the newcomers on his first day at the dojo. Every student was paired with a sensei who had the same experience. My mentor, a 35-year-old man at the time, was paired up with a seven-year old girl. He felt initially a bit insulted by the fact that he was paired with a seven-year-old girl.

He learned to be humble that day.

Everybody has the opportunity to learn, improve and master skills and knowledge that complement, enhance, or surpass your own. You don’t have to be different from someone just because they look different than you. You decide whether you want to learn from them.

Remember, the moment you stop learning is when you may as well retire. A good online business leader does not stop learning. You can be a great business leader by continuing to learn.

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