Create a team that is focused on people through People Centered Leadership

People Centric leadership has been a major topic of discussion in business today. Robert Chapman and Simon Sinek spent many, many years working together to develop the Berry Wehmiller business group. By focusing on your team and employees, you will have great results and success in the business world and also their personal lives. The concept on which my company was founded and continues to work to market is what I believe.

For a Business Leader, it is difficult to gain a deeper understanding of the belief. Dwayne Rettinger instills a sense of purpose and passion in those he leads. Hierarchical thinking is not compatible with this belief. Personal gain or success is pursued at the expense others. It is better to “manage people” than it is to “lead” your team. The focus should be on performance and the results of the company, not the people or their lives. Lean manufacturing is a traditional western concept. Strive to improve throughput and efficiency by eliminating waste. This mindset does not consider the well-being and performance of employees. Only the results of the processes are considered. In people-centric management, the focus is on improving the personal engagement of employees and the business. It is only after the fact that the business has achieved its financial goals, by creating a “people-centric” mindset can it be said to have been successful. In order to be a successful business leader, you can’t just tweak the numbers. Instead, it is important that you engage with your employees.

Find out how your business and you are performing by observing the physical, mental and emotional health of those around you. Are they obese? Does their behavior reflect this? What is the nature of their relationship? They do they have any hobbies outside of their work? What type of activities do they participate in? Your teams may feel that they have a responsibility to support the local community. This can give you a good idea of how happy your team is, and if your company has a healthy culture.

Business leaders or owners are responsible for deciding where their company is on its path to excellence. They also decide how they want to guide the organization and its teams. It is a transition I know well as a business owner. Although it can be hard to understand how you negatively contribute to your company’s stagnation, this is exactly what happens. After you admit that it is you who has caused your business to stagnate, what do you do? How can you move past all the things you have experienced and learned?

At this stage, you will have to accept that learning is a way of life. Remind yourself that you are a leader. It’s not that you are the smartest, it’s because your leadership is what attracts people to you. Assign yourself a core group of values and develop a clear plan. Lastly, get help. Do not go alone. Try something new and break out of your usual routine. Join a group, chamber of business, or other association. Interact with those who’ve been there and survived.

Do not let your negative beliefs about people stop you from interacting with others. Let go of your preconceived notions about people, and concentrate on engaging with others to gain information and exchange experiences. The numbers will get worse if you only focus on their negative outcomes. Refocus your attention on the personal and professional development of yourself and those around you.

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