Blind Mother of the Blind.

She didn’t attach herself to office or authority, but “had great ambitions to respond to God’s greatness, of which she was a slow tool.”

Sr. Radoslawa Podgorska FSK presents the name of the founder of the Society for the Protection of the Blind & the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross (from 1876-1961).

It consists the following chapters

Life and its activities
Spirituality can have some characteristics
“God’s saints are amazing” – that was the message of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski during the funeral of Mother Elzbieta, Laski, on May 19, 1961.
Prayers for Mother Elizabeth

“I would like to sneak out to that world […] but I give it all to God, He knows best; the wisest is what He decides. I do not want a long life, but I put everything into God’s hands “Elżbieta Czacka, February 18, 1952

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