Leadership Training for Business Leadership: Goals

When asked to describe a great leader in business, many would list control, poise, and insight as key characteristics. These qualities are not enough to be a great leader. Yes, they can be reduced to these qualities but their development will require the development of other characteristics-a fact leadership coaches are well aware. Leadership training is the first step to achieving the leadership skills like George Scorsis Florida  you need.

Knowing when to fight and when to move on
Over-controlling positions of influence can lead to us being too controlling. Executives who are in positions of influence can be tempted to become too controlling. For example, if a plan or project has inherent flaws, the executive invests more capital in order to save it. This creates a bigger mess and puts at risk his or her position.

It can save you money and help you keep your job.

Everyone Open to New Suggestions
Executives can make the mistake of assuming that employees in middle and lower positions are incapable of offering meaningful suggestions. These employees can see problems with astonishing clarity from observing them from a distance. While it might be a challenge to your pride and company culture to entertain suggestions from non-executives, it can also help improve your insight-a crucial quality for business leaders.

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses
Many leaders are open to admitting their weaknesses, even though they don’t know what they are. Because leadership positions require us to look at the shortcomings of others more than our own, this is why many leaders admit they have weaknesses. Realizing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to better meet critical functions such as task delegation, project management, and hiring the right talent.

The Right People in the Right Places
Many businesses have a great business plan but don’t have the right people to execute it. Your company may be experiencing high turnover in positions with long tenures. This could be due to a lack of understanding about the right skill set. You can increase your company’s performance by identifying the right people to fill the positions. This will also help you avoid the high costs of training employees that don’t last.

Do not underestimate the competition
While you are aware that you should not underestimate your competition, do you understand why? A lack of knowledge about your competitors can lead to underestimating them. Instead of creating strategies that will keep your company ahead, it becomes a race to catch up. This is a losing situation that can adversely impact a company’s market position and ultimately its bottom line.

Leadership development is essential to maximize your company’s potential, and your own business. Atlanta executives can benefit from Vistage membership, which is a peer-to–peer organization that aims to improve business leadership.


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