Little Leaguers: Batting Tips

There aren’t many differences in the batting tips for Little Leaguers compared to everyone else. There are some differences that you need to be aware of.

One difference is the abilities of the players. A little sattaking player seven years old can’t do all the things a 12-year-old can. You must start with the basics. Building a solid foundation is essential before you can improve your baseball batting skills. These are some tips that you should know early.

How to select the right bat
How to hold the bat
How to stand in the batter’s box
Where to look
How to stride
How to swing
Have fun!

This tip is particularly important for young players, as they must be able and willing to play baseball. They should enjoy playing this great sport. While it’s fine to be serious at times, baseball should be played with fun.

These tips will help older Little League players to focus on the skills that will allow them to excel in the sport, and play into their teens and college years. These skills include:

Recognize the differences between a curveball and a fastball
Hit the ball in the opposite direction
Situational hitting
Trigger mechanism to start the swing
How to Avoid Slumps

You can coach as well as young players, but please remember to be patient. You can’t learn skills overnight. These Little League batting tips can be turned into Little League success with enough effort.

You can learn a lot from watching events such as the Little League World Series or the pros.

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