Mother Roza Maria Ciaka, who was she?

Founder of the Society for the Protection of the Blind and the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross

Roza Maria Ciacka was born 22 October 1876 in Biala Cherkiew, Ukraine. Her familial environment gave her the inspiration for patriotic and social activism, as well a life of deep faith. She received a complete and comprehensive education, and she was fluent in four different languages. She gained economic knowledge thanks to her father. She moved to Warsaw when she was six years old.

After falling from a horse, at 22 she lost her vision. A Polish ophthalmologist suggested that she dedicate herself to the causes of the blind, as they were deprived of any social welfare assistance. She visited many centers in France (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Switzerland) to gain knowledge over the blind. From specialist magazines and books she was able to learn about American culture and English. She was able to read Braille alphabets and began intensive rehabilitation in an effort to attain maximum independence.

The Society for the Care of the Blind was founded by him in 1911.

1908 . Around 1908 . She began working for the visually impaired in Warsaw. Over time, she established a shelter for girls who were blind. They learned to knit, weave chairs and basketry. Over time, a home was established for elderly blind women, and a workshop that provided vocational training for city-dwelling blind men. Her primary task was to restore dignity and to introduce the concept of the blind – a useful person, which Maurice de la Sizeranne promoted and implemented in France. She also attempted to influence public opinion through explaining that

1911 was approved by the tsarist authorities for the statut of the Society for the Protection of the Blind. founded the Society with the efforts of creating in Warsaw: an orphanage for the Blind, an elementary school and workshops.

Roza Zacka left for Volhynia at the end of 1915. She was then stopped by hostilities. She settled in Zytomierz. There, she did charity work and was getting ready for a religious career. After returning to Warsaw as Sister Elizabeth in 1918, the Church granted her permission to form the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross.

World War II stopped the development

Mother Czacka, a mother of blind children and adults, ran a work for them in Warsaw. They were thrown into poverty by independence’s first years. The period of intense development of the Work took place in the twenties and thirties. The Department for the Blind, Laski, was established in 1923 as the central point for activities for the blind in the areas of education and typhlology.

The Laski community was also a center for spirituality for young intelligentsia. It was spiritually accompanied spiritually by Fr. Wladyslaw Korsmieowicz. He initiated the creation of the Retreat House.

The Second World War severely disrupted the Work’s progress. Mother Elizabeth lost an eye and was seriously injured during the September 1939 bombardment of Warsaw. After being hospitalized for one month, she was able to return to Laski and lead reconstruction of the factory. Despite national hatred, she showed love and compassion for all those in need during occupation. With her consent and cooperation with the chaplains: Fr. Jan Zieja later Fr. Stefan Wyszynski. This Department supported Home Army units stationed inside Kampinos forests. In the days preceding the Warsaw Uprising in Poland, she set up an insurgent hospital.

In 2020, Pope Francis recognized the miracle of Mother Czacka

Mother Czacka, who fell ill in 49, was able to continue her support of the Congregation and Work for ten consecutive years. The Blind Mother, who was also known as the Mother of the Blind, passed away in Laski on May 15, 1961. The beatification process at diocesan level started on December 22, 1988. The files were sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints (CFC) in 1995. The Decree on the heroic life, virtues and death was signed on October 9, 2017 and the Holy Father on October 27, 2019. Francis recognized the miracle by intercession of Venerable Servant to God.

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