The 2 Ingredients that Every Skin Cream Must Have, and the 2 That They Shouldn’t

Are you avoiding the skincare cream aisle in stores? Use the same moisturizing cream for your skin that you have been using since 5 years back to avoid having to buy a brand new one. There are hundreds of different “the top …”” skincare products. What is the best way to determine what are real products and which are just ripoffs? How can you tell that the Jergens $3.99 moisturizer bottle is not identical to the $34.99 skin cream bottle from Wal-Mart? It’s easy. Let’s take a look at the skin care ingredients. The ingredients I have listed are the two that you skin needs and those your skin doesn’t. Just by following these tips you can eliminate 95% thorns from your rose.

Two things that every cream for skin should contain


Babassu – a natural wax – softens, soothes and best moisturizer for dry skin skin. You need it because you create a moisture barrier around your skin. It keeps out dirt, grime and bacteria while still giving the skin room to “breathe”. Natural product made from oil from Babassu Palm (in Amazon). Most manufacturers replace Babassu oil with mineral oils (which is one of the two no-no ingredients below) to reduce costs.

Vitamin E, in natural alphatocopherol form

Vitamin E can protect your skin by protecting it from harmful free radicals, such as those caused by poor nutrition, UV radiation and pollution. Alpha-tocopherol, the most effective form of Vitamin E for skin creams, is recommended. In most skincare products (including those at high-end department stores), alphatocopherol is synthesized. The synthetic alpha-tocopherol is not only less potent, but also manufacturers put just a little bit in the skin creams (.1% –.2%), which makes it almost meaningless.

Parabens are also used as a natural preserver to prevent your skincare moisturizing cream from deteriorating before the end of its use. In addition, parabens will be used to preserve the product by many popular skincare companies. The skin is not a good place for parabens! It is one of just two ingredients in skin care products that you absolutely should not use.

There are 2 things your skin cream shouldn’t contain

On the label, look for methyl parabens, propyl parabens, butylparabens, and ethylparabens.

In order to prolong the shelf-life of skin care products, these chemicals are commonly used. Super cheap, and they are available everywhere. Some studies indicate that they may cause breast cancer or affect estrogen over a long period of time.

Mineral oil (also referred to as liquid paraffin or paraffin wax on the labels)

Companies use it as a cheap way to protect the skin from moisture and keep in toxins. However, this product also attracts toxic substances, promotes acne, and removes the natural oils which prevent premature ageing. It can even be worse because any mineral-oil derivative may contain cancerous PAHs. Stay younger by avoiding mineral oils and petroleum products.

Ask yourself this: could you eat the moisturizer in your skin-care cream? You can eat your skin care cream, I don’t suggest it. What would make you use them as a skin cream if you’d be scared to put the ingredients in your mouth? Since it will absorb and enter your skin just as it would when you ate it, why not? Bring out that skin care lotion. Check the label for ingredients. The skin moisturizer you use should contain these ingredients. If it does not, then it is time to switch. Skin care creams are safe to eat and can also be used as a skin treatment. Synthetics can damage the skin and cause long-term health problems. However, they are much cheaper. (This is why many skin care manufacturers use them!)

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