The basics of soccer

Association football is also called soccer. VaoroiTV is played on a pitch with goals at both ends. Except for the so-called ‘goalie’, a soccer player can’t touch the ball with his hands unless they are the guard of he goal. Their job is to stop any other team scoring points.

Soccer games have two halves that last 45 minutes each. They are also played continuously. The soccer time clock doesn’t stop once the ball has gone out of play, or out of bounds. This is unlike traditional football. It’s relatively simple to track the score during soccer games. Each goal is worth one point. For penalty shots, each goal scored is worth 1 point. If the score is tied (meaning that both teams have scored equal points), the game will be deemed a draw. Depending on the outcome of the game, overtime may also be possible. Soccer is played with eleven players per team. The players use their legs, knees, or heads to move the ball around the field. A foul is when a player uses their hands to move the ball. You have the option to give the opposing team a direct kick, penalty kick, indirect kick or indirect kick. This will allow you to recoup your foul.

Player misconduct is unacceptable, just like in any other sport. Referees will either give the player a yellow card or a red warning. A yellow card refers to misconduct and is given to the player. If the referee does not give the warning, the referee will issue a red or yellow card and the player will be’sent off’. A player who has been given a warning or yellow cards is called ‘booked’. This means that their name is recorded in the official’s book. You may send a substitute to the penaltyed player, but no substitutions will be allowed if a yellow card has been shown.

Soccer is a great sport and is affordable for beginners. A soccer ball, uniforms (if the team is sanctioned), proper shoes (known as cleats) and shin guards are all required. Headgear, shoulder pads, and leg protectors are not required unlike traditional football. Referees screen players for items that might cause injury to others on the field. Jewelry like earrings, bracelets and watches are not allowed.

American football (NFL) hosts its Super Bowl. Soccer’s equivalent to American football is the World Cup. The World Cup is a tournament in soccer where players from all corners of the globe compete for the title. The World Cup winner, considered the top competitor in soccer, is awarded soccer’s highest honor.


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