Tips for Getting More Twitter Followers

When potential customers contact me to ask for help with their platforms on social media, one of the very first questions they ask is “How do you get more Twitter Followers?” It would certainly be nice to have the same following as a celebrity such as Demi Moore or Conan O’Brien. These people are known for attracting hundreds of thousands of fans the day they start their business. I am quick to point that, while having Twitter fans in the six figure range can be nice, and can boost your self-esteem, these numbers are worthless, if they don’t lead to an event. You can send out hilarious tweets which are shared on the Internet. But does it matter if no one clicks to your online shopping cart?

It is natural for you to want a loyal following, regardless of how many people visit your website or shop online. Twitter can be unpredictable, so the best advice that I can give a novice is to simply follow relevant and interesting users, communicate directly to other users, offer interesting content, and follow them. Keep your Twitter account active and tweet at least one time a day. It’s not uncommon to see people remove dormant Twitter accounts from their feeds, even though they are actually following the person. I’ve been there.

You can get an explosive increase in followers if your brand is well-known. The process can be difficult for the average Joe. There are ways to raise awareness about your Twitter presence and increase your numbers.

1) Promote your Twitter handle. This is perhaps the easiest tactic. Place your Twitter icon/handle in a prominent position on your website or blog. Ask people who receive your regular emailed alerts to follow Twitter for more timely information.

2) Use popular hashtags. hashtags trends Search will show you the most popular trends. Get involved in the discussion. Try to avoid using hashtags for the purpose of selling yourself or your product. Instead, use words that will get you noticed.

3) Lastly follow more people. This is a tried-and true method that can produce results if the people you follow are those who have similar content to yours. Look for Twitter users that have similar content and follow them. You can interact with those you have followed and you might gain some of their fans.

A large Twitter following will help your online promotion if people read and act on your content. If you approach social networks with optimism and flair, your following could grow.

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